Traveling to Luxembourg

Luxembourg Airport is well-connected to many European and international cities. Check out the list of airlines and destinations for more information.


Getting around in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has an excellent public transport network, and most importantly: all forms of public transport are free throughout the entire country!

You can conveniently plan your trip by using the website of the Luxembourgish transport association Mobilitéitszentral.


From Luxembourg airport to the City and the Central Station

  • Two bus lines (6 and 16) take you to the city center every 10 to 15 minutes. The bus stop is in front of the terminal. Lines 29 and 223 will bring you to the Luxembourg Central Train Station (travel time: approx. 25-30 minutes).
  • Taxis are very expensive in Luxembourg. Plan to spend about 40.- EUR for a ride to Luxembourg Central Station (15-minute drive).


From Luxembourg Central Station to Belval-Université

The easiest way to get to Belval Campus from Luxembourg Central Station is by train. The train ride lasts around 30 minutes. Sometimes, work on the lines might delay or cancel some trains. The best way to check for any problem is via the CFL website.

From the Luxembourg Central Station, take the train in the direction of Pétange or Rodange (make sure that you see Belval-Université as a stop in the monitor. There are certain trains that go to Rodange and do not stop at Belval-Université. Using the CFL or the Mobilitéitszentral websites is a great way to avoid confusion).

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